Create a website: things you need to know

Web pages have become an essential tool for companies and various businesses to use as an advertising medium to be able to sell and promote their corporate image to the world. At present, what is wanted of the pages is that they reflect a professional but distended image, with accurate and real information. Also, the page should show the types of products and services offered by your business. Added to that must allow the contact and communication with its customers.

In Web Design Birmingham believe that the client must have a number of clear aspects when trying to create their own website. First of all, it is key to define the main purpose of the site. It can sell, inform, be a showcase of products and services or improve communication between external and internal agents of the company.

Also, it is necessary that two factors are found to make a web page successful. The first factor refers to functionality and easy navigability. In addition to being visually striking, for which it is important to have excellent photographs. The second factor involves the optimization of the page so that it appears positioned in the first places in the search engines and thus to obtain visits and possible clients.

Respect to the domains and hosting

Domains are registered through intermediaries to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), and must be renewed annually. The .com and .net can be purchased with several companies that provide these services.

A web hosting is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the Internet and in which you can host all types of files so that it can be accessed via the Internet. The most typical use of hosting is to create a website that, in reality, is nothing more than a set of files in HTML format, which are web pages.

Get your ally at hosting

When you hire a hosting service such as those offered by Web Design Birmingham there are a number of issues that you have to be especially clear about:

  • The domain may or may not be part of the hosting service
  • Different applications, different needs for the cases of static (HTML) or dynamic webs (PHP).
  • Depending on the application, you have to choose the right operating system for your server.